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    Behind the Scenes for The Harvest

An Interview with the Executive Producer, Chuck Klein

Q. What is The Harvest?
A. The Harvest is inspired by the true story from the life of my family when I was a child...of my three brothers, my mother and myself caught in the drama of harvest time and the need for help.

I was 8, Jerry 10, David 5 and Bob 2. It is the story of a father and his sons, a story of how a family is pushed to the edge... a crisis at harvest becomes a race against time. It is a story of courage, of a family in need, and the beautiful love of a community.

The Harvest was filmed on location in my home state of North Dakota, with some of the same families involved in the production who were also there to help 40 years ago when the event took place. The production and post production was a wonderful story in and of itself, of how people in the media industry, as well as the good people of North Dakota, came together to make The Harvest possible.

Q. Why did you produce The Harvest?
A. It is a gift of love to the whole world and in particular to the Body of Christ, with a number of analogies and applications. We call it "a modern day parable."

We produced The Harvest to tell the story, and in so doing inspire people everywhere. Because it is a story about family, about crisis and about community, it encourages and challenges us to come together, put aside our differences for a greater cause, and be involved in changing our world. It is a wonderful picture of caring, of sacrifice, of prayer and of courage.

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