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    What Others Are Saying about The Harvest
  "The Harvest is powerful. You walk away feeling, I can make a difference!"
-- Josh McDowell, speaker

"The visual experience of The Harvest is incredible."
-- David Bryant, Concerts in Prayer

"The as emotionally gripping as Brian's Song, as compelling as Chariots of Fire, and as spiritually motivating as The Hiding Place."
-- Joe White, Kanakuk-Kanakomo Kamps

"I saw The Harvest and cried my eyes out."
-- Ron Boehme, Youth With a Mission

"The Harvest is a spiritual mandate!"
-- Dennis Rainey

"The Harvest is powerful... it's a story I'll never forget."
-- Bill McCartney, Promise Keepers

"The Harvest will stir within your heart a be part of the most challenging and ambitious undertaking known to man..."
-- Dr. Bill Bright, Campus Crusade for Christ

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